Life with Linda is quite hair rising!  Warren has gone to a surgical conference in Philly. He plans on taking the last day and visiting his brother Harris in Delaware.  It is a great chance for them to catch up on family issues!  Not to mention he gets to see Harris’ three precious girls!  Oops! Margaret is a girl too so…. four precious girls! He arrives home late Sunday night!

            I have two friends from Gainesville visiting me right now.  Norine Gresh was my good friend the year we did our fellowship in Gainesville Fla. She has her sister, Linda, with her. Norine’s son lives here so she gets to visit with Charles and his new bride, Jennifer. They are antiquing all day and I’m stuck in a computer course learning how to create a web page. (Actually it is exciting and fun.) It is nice having someone in the house while Wonderful Warren is away.

            Christopher is 14 ½ and has the pimples to prove it. He is still a sweet child…takes after his daddy…. very thoughtful.  Hanna on the other hand, is 10 ½ and very “full of spunk.”  Every time she sasses me, I think of my sweet mother telling me that I “deserve” her. YEP, she is just like me.  Heaven help her (and me!) They are both happy and healthy so we feel blessed.

            I have been very busy working on my yard.  It is going to be on the Azalea tour this April.