2017-present        Instructional Technology Facilitator

Concord High School, Concord NC

Provides support to teachers and the school in the areas of technology, data use, data interpretation, and curriculum issues.

Spring 2017          Interim Math teacher

Concord High School, Concord NC

Fulfilled a quarter long maternity leave teaching Math II and Math III. Served in other roles for the school for the remainder of the semester.

2014-2016             Interim Director of Graduate Education

Wingate University, Charlotte NC

Manages all functions, faculty and staff related to graduate degrees in education for the university including masters and doctoral degrees in several courses of study with over 300 graduate students.


2013-2016             Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Academic Research

Wingate University, Charlotte NC

Teaches doctoral and masters level classes in assessment, measurement, research methods, and evaluation in programs leading to degrees and licensure in administration. Coordinates and validates all research proposals for students seeking to complete a capstone research project as part of their Ed.D. degree.


February 2012 – October 2012 Senior Associate

edCount, LLC

Contribute to edCount’s organizational objectives through intellectual engagement, technical expertise, and management of staff and company resources. Responsibilities include directing projects and managing the work of junior staff; planning and implementing methods, techniques, and skills to complete projects in a timely and cost-efficient manner; preparing high-quality reports and other outputs; developing corporate knowledge and knowledge of individual program areas and projects. Responsibilities included:

Education for the Deaf Act (EDA) Implementation Technical Assistance: the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center – Support the Laurent Clerc Center’s efforts in assessment and accountability in compliance with assessment and accountability regulations under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the Education for the Deaf Act (EDA). Assist in designing and implementing a comprehensive assessment system, accountability system and data management system at the Clerc Center. Support administration and faculty in the interpretation and implementation of state standards, data management and appropriate assessment practices for the Clerc Center student population.

National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) General Supervision Enhancement Grant – Serve as Validity Evaluator to provide evidence that supports the newly developed assessment is in alignment with the Common Core State Standards and the scores from the assessment accurately reflect the student performance against those standards. The collaborative consists of 5 partner organizations, 18 states, and the six Pacific Rim entities.

Standards and Assessment Implementation Technical Assistance: Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE) – Member of research team examining many aspects of the educational enterprise for the PRDE. Design protocols for data collection; review data; analyze data; and provide analytical technical assistance to the team.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Education Laboratory – Serve as project director for a broad range of services to the MA-REL in the areas of technical assistance, training, research studies and analytic technical support. Special focus is placed on serving as liaison between the REL and NCES Forum and being an adviser to the REL on state longitudinal data systems.

Northwest Regional Education Laboratory –Serve as project director for a broad range of services to the NW-REL in the areas of technical assistance, training, research studies and analytic technical support. Special focus is placed on serving as resource around the data systems available to alliance members.

2011 - 2012 Psychometric Consultant

Louisiana Department of Education

Provided a variety of psychometric services to the Louisiana Non-Tested Grades and Subjects student growth initiative. Developed a rubric for measuring student goal attainment while balancing the need for rigorous student expectations.

2010 – 2012 Executive Director, State and Federal Programs

Charlotte- Mecklenburg Schools

Directed several teams that manage a variety of functions for the district including: developing and managing the district accountability system; implementing state and federal testing; assisting in the implementation of NCLB; managing aspects of the cohort graduation rate calculations, the qualitative review of schools, the school improvement system, and school accreditation; providing data to stakeholders and the media; developing and managing grants from various agencies and foundations; developing a model testing program in courses and content that is not usually tested; implementing the district’s strategic plan; managing the shipping of testing materials to 180 schools and supporting other functions in the Office of Accountability. Also managed the federal Indian Education program and provided high level input to the superintendent and board of education.

2009 – 2016

Wingate University

Teaches graduate courses in Research Methods, Measurement and Evaluation.

2008 - 2009 Adjunct Instructor

Appalachian State University, Leadership and Educational Studies

Teaches graduate courses in Research.

2007 - 2010 Director of Assessment (Data)

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Office of Accountability

Leads the unit responsible for reporting on the performance of the over 160 schools and the performance of their students.

2004 - 2007 Chief (Educational Research unit director)

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, Accountability Services, Reporting Section

Leads the unit responsible for the North Carolina ABC's accountability system including SAT reports and reporting on the performance of the over 2000 schools in North Carolina and the performance of their students.

2004        Director of School Accountability

Thomasville City Schools, Thomasville NC

Directs the LEA testing program and coordinates building level administrators

2002-2006        Adjunct Assistant Professor

School of Education, North Carolina A & T State University

2001-2004        Director of Technology

Thomasville City Schools, Thomasville NC

Directs the LEA technology implementation leads a team of diverse staff members

1998-2000 Visiting Lecturer

School of Education, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Adjunct faculty member teaching courses in the Library and Information studies department. Teachs technology courses including interactive media applications.

1996-2001 Instructional Technology and Development Specialist

School of Education, North Carolina A & T State University

Faculty member that coordinates the use of technology in teaching. Additionally coordinate the integration of technology into the teacher training programs on campus. Developed a strategic technology integration plan. Developed faculty training systems and in-service teacher assistance programs.

1995-Present Consultant/systems engineer

Educational Technology Consultants

Design and install distributive multimedia computer networks in schools. Assist in development of technology plans for schools. Recommend solutions for specialized educational situations. Provide asssitence in the areas of accountability and asssessment.

1992-1996 Science Teacher and Coordinator of computer technology

East Davidson High School, Davidson County Schools NC

Taught Chemistry, Biology and computer skills. Coordinated the integration of technology into content area classrooms. Designed, developed and installed a computer infrastructure into the school. Managed a computer lab for content area usage. Trained faculty in computer use.

1988-1992 Engineering Associate, Office of Instructional Resources

University of Illinois at Urbana

Managed inventory of electronics installation and repair shop. Assisted in the development of integrated teaching systems for classroom use. Managed computer systems.

1985-1988 Owner and Operator

TBT Sound and Light Company

Designed, developed and used mobile Disc Jockey equipment. Managed eight employees staffing two dances simultaneously.