Computer Fundamentals for Teachers
Competency #8 Media Communications
Module #8.2.3

Outline presentation
Create basic outline
Use Tools to modify/rearrange

Getting there

823.gif (4376 bytes)First a simple concept, presentations are really a linear issue.   They follow a simple outline. 

Now how do we create the outline?

First open your presentation application and create a new presentation document. 

Then go to VIEW and choose OUTLINE.

You will see something like this:823a.gif (5606 bytes)

Notice that there is a line marked 1.


This is the first slide. 

Do you see the little square that looks like a slide? 

It tells you that this is a slide.

The tools down the side allow you to PROMOTE 823b.gif (921 bytes)and DEMOTE 823c.gif (912 bytes) items.

Once you have more items in your outline, you can slide UP 823d.gif (933 bytes) or DOWN 823e.gif (903 bytes) any line.

At some point, you may want to hide some of the items on the slides you have created.  This is done with the COLLAPSE 823f.gif (885 bytes) To show the contents again use EXPAND 823g.gif (889 bytes)823i.gif (4558 bytes)

The next two tools are COLLAPSE ALL and EXPAND ALL.

Finally, SUMMARY SLIDE 823h.gif (936 bytes) will create a single slide that shows the titles of you other slides. (the bottom tool will show and hide formatting).

Look at this outline:

See how each slide is numbered and the second lines are indented?

You can DEMOTE (indent more) a line by using the tool or pressing the TAB key.

Notice the summary slide has titles from the other slides (you have to highlight all the slides you want included in the summary).

Now this is the slide showing formatting.823j.gif (4652 bytes)

It shows the BULLETS that will appear on your slide.

Also notice that the font is really what you will see.

You CAN NOT place graphics using the outline view.


To move a SLIDE up or down the order, click on the icon next to the number and drag the slide to the new location.


Exercise #1

Try entering an outline of a presentation.  Practice promoting and demoting.   Also try moving a line up or down.  Try moving a whole slide. home

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