Computer Skills Curriculum
Keyboarding Lesson Plan

Title: Insert It!

Other Curriculum Objectives that can be addressed by this lesson plan
English Language Arts 1.1, 1.2, 1.3; Computer Skills: (Gr. 1) 2.3

Grade: 1
Competency 2.3: On a keyboard, demonstrate the use of letter keys, number keys and special keys (e.g., shift key, delete/backspace, space bar, arrow keys).

Measure 2.3.2: With your first and last names on the computer screen, use the appropriate special keys to insert your middle name.

Materials Needed: Computer with word processing software; large screen monitor or projection panel with overhead (recommended for demonstrations); prepared word processing data diskette(s) with student names and sentences for inserting additional words; large poster that shows special keys.

Time: Five to ten minutes, repeated as necessary.

Terms: Computer, Keyboard, RETURN/ENTER key, Shift key, Space bar, Arrow keys, Insert



Pre-Activities: Teacher Preparation
  • 1. Prepare data diskettes with student names for use in activity.

  • 2. Prepare other data files for students to practice inserting words. (The included sample lesson may be saved on the same data diskette as the one with the student name.)


  • 1. Call attention to the large poster showing special keys found on the keyboard (delete/backspace, RETURN/ENTER, shift, space bar, arrow keys, etc.). Have students locate the keys on the poster.

  • 2. On a computer, demonstrate the use of the shift key to make capital letters (using index fingers only). Have students practice one or two minutes and monitor to see that all students are doing it correctly.

  • 3. Using a computer with word processing software and large screen monitor or projection panel (or work only with small groups of students) and having typed your name on the screen, demonstrate inserting your middle name using special keys. Repeat several times.

  • 4. Repeat the activity but this time have the students instruct the teacher on how to insert the teacher's middle name using the computer. Please note: the process of inserting a word or letter may vary with word processing software. The basic skill should involve arrow keys (or mouse) to locate the place to insert. Some packages require the use of an insert key.

  • 5. At the computer, have students follow the process of inserting their middle names as the teacher gives verbal instructions.

  • 6. Provide an opportunity for students to practice during several different sessions.

Follow-up /Extension:

  • 1. Provide sentences for students to practice inserting additional words. These sentences may be teacher-created or student-dictated sentences, provided on a word processing data diskette.

  • 2. Have students illustrate the sentences.

  • 3. Prepare a bound booklet of illustrated sentences for children to read or take home.


Using a prepared data diskette, have students insert their middle name between their first and last names. Monitor their work and provide additional practice sessions if necessary.