Computer Skills Curriculum
Keyboarding Lesson Plan

Title: Erase it!

Other Curriculum Objectives that can be addressed by this lesson plan
English Language Arts 1.1, 1.2, 1.3; Computer Skills: (Gr. 1) 1.2

Grade: 1
Competency 1.2: On a keyboard, demonstrate the use of letter keys, number keys and special keys (e.g., shift key, delete/backspace, space bar, arrow keys).

Measure 2.3.3: Given a list of four color words on the computer screen, use the appropriate special keys to "erase" each color word as it is called out.

Materials Needed: Computer with word processing software, teacher-prepared data diskettes with color words and sentences already on them, large screen monitor with projection panel, printers, large cards with color words, teacher-made color word Bingo game, teacher-prepared (or commercial) paper keyboards (one for each student).

Time: Five to ten minutes, repeated as necessary.

Terms: Computer, Printer, Keyboard, RETURN/ENTER key, Shift key, Delete/Backspace, Space bar, Arrow keys



Pre-Activities: Teacher Preparation
  • 1. Prepare data diskettes with color words and additional sentences for practice. Sample activities are included with this lesson.

  • 2. Prepare large sets of cards with color words and several sets of the color Bingo game.

  • 3. Divide the students into small groups (2-4 students) to play the Bingo game.

Activity 1:

  • 1. Review color words by holding up the cards with the color words on them and allowing students to repeat them several times.

  • 2. Have students play color word Bingo in small groups.

  • 3. In each group, have one student play "teacher" and hold up a color word. Have students practice keying in the color words using paper keyboards. Students should take turns playing "teacher" so that everyone has a turn to be the "teacher" and to practice words by being the "student."

  • 4. Keep these sessions short. (This activity is not necessary if all students are familiar with color words. It could be used for students who need more reading practice.)

Activity 2:

  • 1. Using a computer with large screen monitor or projection panel (or with small groups of students) and the teacher-prepared data diskette, demonstrate erasing the color words by pressing the backspace/delete key.

  • 3. After the teacher has demonstrated several times, have students instruct the teacher on how to erase the words.

  • 4. At the computer, have students follow the process of erasing the color words as the teacher gives verbal instructions.

  • 5. Provide students an opportunity to practice several times.

  • 1. Provide additional sentences (on data diskette) for students to practice erasing words. Sample sentences are provided with this lesson.

  • 2. Print out sentences for students.

  • 3. Have students illustrate the sentences.

  • 4. Make a booklet using sentence illustrations for children to share.


Using a prepared data diskette, each student should erase the color words as instructed by the teacher. The teacher should monitor and record progress. Additional practice should be provided as necessary.