Computer Skills Curriculum
Keyboarding Lesson Plan

Title: Identify Letters and Numbers!

Other Curriculum Objectives that can be addressed by this lesson plan English Language Arts 1.1; Computer Skills: (Gr. K) 2.2

Grade: K
Competency 2.2: On a keyboard, identify letters, numbers, and other commonly-used keys (e.g., RETURN/ENTER, space bar).

Measure 2.2.1: Color letters on a paper computer keyboard as the letters are shown or read by the teacher.

Materials Needed: Paper keyboards, crayons/magic markers, large poster of keyboard, floor mat or floor-painted keyboard (optional), set of large alphabet and number cards.

Time: 6-8 minutes; 3-5 minute drills; repeat over several sessions.

Terms: Computer, Keyboard, Letter keys, Number keys



Pre-Activities: Teacher Preparation

  • 1. Make or obtain paper keyboards, crayons, and set of cards.
  • 2. Determine which letter and number cards will be used in each session. Suggestion: Introduce letter cards with letters from the home row first (a, s, d, f, h, j, k, l, ;). Three to five cards may be sufficient for one practice session.


  • 1. Distribute paper keyboards and crayons/magic markers to students.
  • 2. Using the large poster keyboard, show children the letters and numbers that you will be practicing that day.
  • 3. Have students touch each letter or number on their paper keyboard as you touch it on the large poster keyboard.
  • 4. Hold up letter and number cards, one at a time, for all students to see.
  • 5. Have students find and color the letter or number on the paper keyboard as that card is shown.
  • 6. After several cards, review by holding up the letter and number cards and having the students point to them on the keyboard.


  • 1. Use color coding to help students identify the letters and numbers, such as "Let's color the space for the 'f' key green."
  • 2. Using a floor mat or floor painted keyboard have students stand on the appropriate letters and numbers as each is called.


Distribute additional paper keyboards to students. Call out letters for students to identify by coloring the correct letter with specific colors. Reteach and provide additional practice for those students experiencing difficulty.