Computer Skills Curriculum
Keyboarding Lesson Plan

Title: Find Your Name!

Other Curriculum Objectives that can be addressed by this lesson plan
English Language Arts: 1.1, 1.2; Computer Skills: 2.2

Grade: K
Competency 2.2: On a keyboard, identify letters, numbers, and other commonly-used keys (e.g., RETURN/ENTER, space bar).

Measure 2.2.2: Given a typewriter, keyboard device, or computer, find the letters of your first name.

Materials Needed: Typewriter, keyboarding device (e.g., Type-Right), or computer; cards for students with first names printed on them; large set of cards with letters and numbers on them (one letter or number per card).

Time: 3-5 minutes for each activity, repeating as necessary.

Terms: Computer, Keyboard, Space bar, RETURN/ENTER key, Letter keys



Pre-Activities: Teacher Preparation
  • 1. Prepare one card for each student with his/her name printed on it.

  • 2. Use the letter and number cards prepared for the Identify Letters and Numbers! lesson.

  • 3. Divide students in pairs for Activity 2.

Activity 1:

  • 1. Hold up a letter card and say the letter name.

  • 2. Tell students to locate and press (i.e., "key in") the letter using their index finger.

  • 3. Instruct students to locate the space bar on the keyboard and to press it once after keying in each letter.

  • 4. Continue to call out letters and to monitor class progress.

  • 5. Instruct students to locate the RETURN key on the keyboard and to press it once after every five letters. (The teacher should prompt students to press RETURN, by saying "Press the RETURN key.")

  • 6. Repeat activity of #5 using the space bar.

Activity 2:

  • 1. Pair students with a partner and have them move to the keyboarding device, typewriter, or computer they will be using. Pass out the cards with student names printed on the cards.

  • 2. Use the index cards as a model and their index fingers for keying the letters. Have students key in the letters of their first names.

  • 3. Remind students to use the space bar to leave a space between each time they type their name.

  • 4. Tell them to continue to key their names until you call "time."

  • 5. Monitor student progress to ensure that students are keying their names correctly.

  • 6. Have students switch seats and let the other partner have a turn.

  • 7. Repeat the activity using the RETURN key instead of the space bar.


Provide each student with an index card with that student's first name. Direct students to key in the letters of their first names three times with a space between each name. The teacher should monitor student work and provide additional practice as necessary.