Computer Skills Curriculum
Telecomputing Lesson Plan

Title: Accessing Distant Information

Other Curriculum Objectives that can be addressed by this lesson plan English Language Arts 2.1, 2.2, 4.1; Social Studies: (Gr. 4) 7.3, 7.4, 10.3, 11.1, 11.3; Information Skills 1.1, 1.3, 2.1; Computer Skills: (Gr. 4) 1.2

Grade: 4
Competency 1.2: Identify computers as tools for accessing information.

Measure 1.2.2: Describe two types of information from distant databases that you would like to access using a computer.

Materials Needed: Enough copies of black line master Information Accessing Activity Worksheet for each student.

Time: One class session.

Terms: Telecomputing
Glossary of Telecomputing Terms
Grade 4 Glossary



With the Media Professional

1. Identify resources on types of information available on computers.

2. Locate information on how policemen, doctors, and scientists use computers to access information.


  • 1. Explain to the class the following concepts:
    • Approximately nine out of every ten pages of information that is generated today is typed into a computer before it is printed to paper.
    • Millions of computers around the world are connected together so that the information that is on one computer can be read by other computers.
    • Any computer can be connected to this network through telephone lines.
    • Sharing information from computer to computer is called telecomputing.
  • 2. Ask the class if they can think of any type of information that a policeman might want to be able to access using a computer. Explain that the information can be located on another computer any place in the world. Ask the same question for a doctor and for a scientist.
  • 3. Hand out a copy of the Information Accessing Activity Worksheet to each student in the class. Explain to the class that each student is to record two types of information that they would like most to be able to access with a computer. Explain that the information can originate any place in the world. Also they should think of two types of information that would be important for another member of their family to be able to access with a computer. They are to record this information on the form.
  • 4. Have several students report the types of information they recorded for themselves and for family members.


Have each student write a letter to the principal to explain why all fourth graders should be able to use a computer to access information on (topic selected by student).