Computer Skills Curriculum
Word Processing Lesson Plan

Title: Check it Out!

Other Curriculum Objectives that can be addressed by this lesson plan
English Language Arts: 1.1, 2.1, 2.3; Computer Skills: (Grade 6) 2.1; Information Skills 1.4, 1.5

Grade: 6

Competency 2.1: Identify the function of word processing utilities (e.g., spell checker, electronic thesaurus, grammar checker, outliner).

Measure 2.1.1: Given a list of situations, identify which word processing utilities (e.g., spell checker, electronic thesaurus, grammar checker, outliner) would be appropriate to use for each situation.

Materials Needed: overhead with teacher-made transparencies or computer, word processing software, large-screen monitor or LCD palette with overhead projector; grade appropriate work samples that have not been edited (preferably from another class); word processing software with special utility functions (optional); Check it Out! worksheet (included).

Time: One to Two, 40 minute session(s).

Terms: word processing, spell checker, electronic thesaurus, outliner, grammar checker.




    Teacher Preparation

  • Select/prepare a passage to use with an LCD palette/large monitor or on transparencies. The passage should contain grammar and spelling errors appropriate for this level student. It is suggested that the passage be related to a topic they are studying.

    Suggestion: Use errors that are fairly obvious.


  1. Direct students to read the passage that is presented on the LCD palette, overhead, or large screen monitor. Have students identify errors in the passage.
  2. Ask students to identify which classroom resource they might use to help them correct the errors (dictionary, thesaurus, book on frequently misspelled words, etc.)
  3. Tell students that certain word processing programs can provide this assistance as well.
  4. Demonstrate the use of these functions using word processing software (optional, but strongly suggested).
  5. Review the use of outlining and discuss why an electronic outlining function might be helpful.
  6. Demonstrate the use of an outlining function using the computer and large-screen monitor or LCD panel and overhead (optional).

Follow-up/Extension Activities:

  1. Have students choose one or two pieces of their recently edited work.
  2. Have them identify which word processor special utilities could help them complete their editing.
  3. Have them share their ideas with a partner.

    Have students (in pairs or individually) use the Check it Out! activity (included) to practice their editing skills.

  4. Have students use various word processing utilities to improve their own written assignments on an on-going basis.


Pass out the worksheet. Have students read the directions. Have students complete the worksheet which requires students to identify the appropriate special utility function with the situation described. The teacher should reteach as necessary and provide additional practice for students experiencing difficulty.