Computer Skills Curriculum:
Changing Text to Bold Style

Title: NC and the American Revolution, Lesson 1

Other Curriculum Objectives that can be addressed by this lesson plan
English Language Arts: 1.1, 2.1, 2.3; Computer Skills: (Gr. 8) 2.1; Information Skills 1.4, 1.5, 2.1, 2.2; Social Studies (Gr. 8) 4.5

Grade: 8

Competency 2.1: Revise word processed text to be a simple desktop published document.

Measure 2.1.1: Given a word processed file, change titles and selected text to bold style.

Materials Needed: Research materials on the American Revolution; computers with word processing software, printer, and data diskettes; copies of NC and the American Revolution transparency.

Time: One, 45 minute session in class; one-two sessions in the media center; two-three sessions in the computer lab.

desktop publishing, fonts, styles, graphics




    Teacher Preparation:

  1. Develop tentative plans and questions to discuss with the media professional.
  2. Prepare/obtain data diskettes for students to use for their reports.
  3. Prepare copies of NC and the American Revolution file on diskette (or similar substitute) to practice making text bold style.
  4. Become familiar with the word processing software that students will be using.

    With the Media Professional:

  1. Develop and discuss research topics.
  2. Identify appropriate resources. Secure additional resources if necessary.
  3. Identify roles and plan for student sessions in the media center.

    With the Students:

  1. Divide students into cooperative groups.
  2. Provide an overview of the activities and a timeline.
  3. Demonstrate/review how to change text to bold text.
  4. Have students use the NC and the American Revolution data file (or similar substitute) with their word processing software to practice changing text to bold text.


  1. Tell students that they will be working in groups to learn more about the significance of Revolutionary War battles fought in North Carolina and their effect on the outcome of the war in the colonies.
  2. Assign each group a topic and provide time for the students to plan and delegate research responsibilities.
  3. Help students to locate appropriate materials for their reports (with the media professional).
  4. Provide opportunities for students to word process a draft of the report.
  5. Provide students time for peer editing, revision, and sharing of reports. The original copy of the report file should be saved with file name battles.
  6. Change the title of the report to bold text.
  7. Put the name of each battle in bold text. Save with file name Bold.battles and print.
  8. Provide additional practice for students by using copies of other group reports. Students should use bold text for titles and appropriate subheadings.


Students should load the original copy of their group's report entitled battles into the word processor. Students should change the title and other specified text from normal to bold text. Teachers should reteach and provide additional practice for those students experiencing difficulty.