Excel and Database resources

Competency test tool

Here are the templates for tracking student competency testing exhibited at this year's NCSCA conference.  These files can also be used to track computer skills testing.   All the databases are in Microsoft Works formats.  After downloading, double click on the file to expand it into a usable form.

Windows Works 4.0 version
Windows Works 3.0 version
MAC Works 4.0 version
MAC Works 3.0 version

ABC's tools

Below are some spreadsheets useful for public schools.  When you download these files they will expand into the A&TSOE directory on your C: drive (sorry Mac versions are coming soon).

HS ABC calculations (latest version)
Elementary ABC calculations

Secondary history Database project

Here is an activity for using a database to teach students historical facts in an interesting, student centered manner.  Open the downloaded file and click "unzip" to install the templates in the c:\cobitz directory on your hard drive.

Windows Microsoft works version 4 and 3 included.

Secondary Biology Database project

coming soon!