If You can see the graphic above, your web browser is capable of using the on-line database for this project.

History Hoppers was an idea that grew over time.  Originally, DJ Midgett suggested doing an Internet based collaborative project with students focusing on Historic Roadside Markers.  Dr. Cobitz suggested using MOO technology to allow the students to write about the markers.  In the Fall of 1999 Martha Campbell and Karen Creech from DPI worked with Dr. Cobitz to form the basic structure for the project you now see before you.  Ann Thompson contributed the idea of using global positioning information in the database. This project is made possible by North Carolina A&T State University and is hosted free of charge by Dr. Cobitz.  The cgi program that actually drives the database is a result of the programming talents of Dr. Aaron Titus, assistant professor of Physics at NCA&T.  Much of the work on this project is done with the assistance of Jennifer Rosenbluth a graduate assistant at NCA&T.