Keep It Simple

First you should know some things to make life easier.

Use the file extensions even on a Mac for any files you will want to post.  Also avoid spaces and funny characters.
word = .doc
Excel = .xls
PowerPoint = .ppt
Hyperstudio = .stk

Now for the basic structure

Keep it all in one folder (sort of).  Put each unit/week in a separate folder.  Yes keep the images in the folder with the pages.  You will keep it organized by having only one unit in each folder.  Use a common simple naming scheme... like 1, 2, 3  or week1, week2, week3
Also try to use similar names in each unit.  So the first page of the unit might be named index.html. You will know which week it is by the folder in which it is stored.  Avoid spaces in the names and avoid playing capitalization games.

Think in terms of systematic structure.

Look at the structure below:

Notice how there are a couple ways to get from the top card to the other cards.  This is not perfect yet it is terrible.  The path the user takes is pretty straight forward.


Now look at this one:

Notice how there is only one path but it is like being in a circle drive.  It is hard to get from one place to another.



Now see how bad something can be:

Yes you can go anywhere from anywhere.  Unfortunately, as the expressway engineers discovered, if you give the users too many options traffic backs up.  In that light, it might take a while to figure out how to follow an instructional path.

Now see something nice:

Notice how there is only one path.  Notice how the pages fall naturally into an order.



It is best if the organization of the site is easy to understand.


Makes sure you include simple important information.  For example, the instructions on how to do an assignment just like on the board.  This will allow students with web access either from home, friends or libraries to find out what they were supposed to have done.  Also it does no good to have the students in the lab all working on the computer if the computer does not naturally lead them through the assignment (see some of the web quests at

copyright 1999 Christopher I. Cobitz