Adding Graphics

Start by making sure you have one of the upper tools from the tool menu. Then choose OBJECTS and NEW GRAPHIC OBJECT.  You should see:

buttappear.gif (12865 bytes)

WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN? There are several ways to add graphics.  Generally you will choose DISK FILE to access art that is already in the computer. Notice that you can use a digital camera.  This is an excellent method of acquiring images related to the scenarios.  

Now click OK to continue:

buttok1.gif (4519 bytes)

This is a list of the images that are included with the Hyperstudio program.  Select one to open it.  Unfortunately, there is not a preview option.

After selecting a file, click OK to continue.

You will see something like this:

The square tool will act as a cookie cutter.  It will take everything inside the square for use on your card.  The lasso will shrink to take only the image itself (i.e. the dog).  Use the correct tool for the image you would like.  Select the part of the picture you would like to use.

Click OK to add the image to your card. You should see something like this:

The cursor is now a three phase tool. 
A 4 headed arrow means that if you hold the mouse button down you will move the image on the card.
A 2 headed arrow will change the size and shape of the image.
A 1 headed arrow will switch to the next step!
Try moving the image:

buttokmoved.gif (4514 bytes)

Good job! Now click anywhere on the card that is not the image and you will see:buttaction.gif (5984 bytes)

Notice, the left side is full of adjustments to the frame around the image including thickness and color.

Generally it is useless to name the image.

Clicking OK will set the image in place and allow you to move on.