Implications for Counselors

The Hyperstudio program provides an opportunity for counselors to develop computer software that addresses the unique needs of their clients. Although the school counselors who participated in this project were interested in character education software, counselors at a state counseling conference indicated that Hyperstudio would be ideal for career counseling and other counseling-related topics. 

Not only does the use of technology in counseling create a new experience for most students, but counselors also grow from developing their own interactive venues. Because the counselor must first consider all options available to students before the venue can be completed, he/she is afforded an opportunity to experience the situation as the client might experience it. Consequently, the counselor may increase his/her sensitivity to the client's dilemma.

 Lastly, the authors hope that counselors will use the Hyperstudio program to develop inexpensive but valuable counseling software, and there after share these products with their counseling peers.