Starting a new stack

This really isn't too hard!

First find the Hyperstudio program and open it.  Then:

newstack.gif (3858 bytes)
choose FILE and NEW STACK.  You will see:

blankc1.gif (4013 bytes)
This doesn't look terribly exciting now but this is the first card in you new stack!   This should be the title or introductory card.

This is the location to place a descriptive title for the situation that will be addressed.

Now you are ready to add more cards:

newcarc.gif (4342 bytes)
Choose EDIT and NEW CARD.  Each new card will be numbered sequentially.  To move through the cards, you need to know about the MOVE menu:

movebar.gif (3661 bytes)
BACK means "the most recent card you saw"
HOME means "the opening Hyperstudio screen"
FIRST means "card number 1"
PREVIOUS means "one number lower then the current card"
NEXT means "one number higher than the current card"
LAST means "the highest numbered card in the stack"
Don't worry about the rest right now, you'll figure them out when you feel comfortable enough to want to try them.