Adding Text: the right way

Start by making sure you have one of the upper tools from the tool menu. Then choose OBJECTS and NEW TEXT OBJECT.  You should see:

textb1.gif (6189 bytes)

The cursor is now a three phase tool.  
A 4 headed arrow means that if you hold the mouse button down you will move the box on the card.
A 2 headed arrow will change the size and shape of the box.
A 1 headed arrow will switch to the next step!
Try moving the box.

Now click anywhere on the card that is not the box and you will see the APPEARANCE screen:textbapp.gif (11786 bytes)

Notice, the left side is full of color choices.

The checked boxes change the appearance and you can tell what they do by trying them.

Now let us adjust the STYLE of the letters.  Click on the button labeled STYLE.

textbstyle.gif (11473 bytes)
This will adjust the font, alignment and color of the text you write in the box.

Choose OK when you are done

You will return to the previous screen.  To leave the APPEARANCE screen, click OK.

You will see your textbin.gif (7852 bytes) card again.  To type in the box, use the browse tool.  Look: