Importing your Classes into Integrade Pro

Integrade Pro stores all your classes in a single gradebook.  When you open integrade Pro and want to import your new classes, use ALT-F to open the file menu and choose "New Gradebook"

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You should then see the following screen:

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Press enter to go to the next screen.
You should see:

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Fill in the school name, your name, and your SIMS assigned teacher code.
WARNING: you must fill in the information exactly as SIMS has it.  If your teacher code is wrong you will have problems!
Saving the grade book is important.  The first time you save it,

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You should enter a name for your gradebook and then switch to the A: drive (use "TAB" to switch between fields).
You should now see a screen similar to this:

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Use Alt-F and choose "Import into Gradebook like below"

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You should now see the following screen:

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From here you need to insert the disk provided to you by SIMS. 
Then switch to the A: drive by using "TAB"
When tried, this did lock up the computer in many cases.
From the list of files, choose the one that contains your grades (should be XXXX.CL where XXXX is your teacher code).

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From here the classes all exist and you must choose one to view.  From the drop down list of classes choose one.
Then from the spreadsheet list choose NEW.
You should see:

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Numeric should be the most useful choice.
Press "ENTER" to continue

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Type a descriptive name like "bob"  or actually something like "1st quarter"
You should see the following:

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You are ready to go!
Make sure you save your gradebook after any noteworthy task (like entering an assignment or creating a spreadsheet).

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copyright 1998 Christopher I. Cobitz