Using the Spreadsheets in Integrade Pro

Integrade needs to be customized.
The first possible customization is the set up of "GRADING RULES"  these define letter grades.
Use Alt-S for Setup and choose "Grading Rules"

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You will see the following screen.
It is probably easiest to choose "NEW" and develop your own table.

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Use Alt-N to create the new table and Alt-W to create new letter grades in your new table.  The number should be the lowest percentage that will achieve the grade.

You will need to add a separate TASK for each assignment.
Use Alt-T to and choose "New Task" to create them.

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You should see the following screen:

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Press ENTER to continue
You will the following screen.  Type in a name for the assignment that is descriptive.
Use TAB to move to the Due Date field and enter the due date (NOTICE the year is 4 digits and comes first!!!)
If you have set up TYPES of assignments (once called bins), use TAB and the arrows to select the TYPE.

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The screen should look something like this:

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Press ENTER to create the assignment.
You should see the following screen.  Use TAB to move between location on the screen.
CLASS Switches the CLASS you are working with.
VIEW will switch the way you see the spreadsheet.  TYPE shows the TYPES (not the assignments).

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Using a mouse is helpful.  When in the correct VIEW, enter student scores in the correct column.

Setting up TYPES is important if you use a complex grading scheme.
Use Alt-S and choose "Grading Rules"

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From the new window choose TYPE SETS
you should see the following:

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Unlike the older versions, all your classes are in one file.  So you should set the percentage value of the TYPE for each class.  Notice that all TYPES are available to all classes, but it has a different value for each class.
When done choose CLOSE either with the mouse or using TAB.

Student information can also be adjusted by choosing SETUP and STUDENTS (this is also the way to add and delete students)

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Notice that the SHOW box lists each class you teach.
When looking a a class you can choose a student by TABBING and ARROWING or using the mouse.
Add a new student using NEW.  BE CAREFUL make sure the important information for the student is correct AND you have checked each tab!  Not listing correct course and section numbers or student ID numbers could mess up your export!

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When you click on CLASS you can choose the class the student is in!

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copyright 1998 Christopher I. Cobitz