Dry Creek Rabbit Farms

Christopher Cobitz, PhD
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Elon, North Carolina (in beautiful Alamance County close to Greensboro and Guilford County)

We specialize in quality Giant Angora Rabbits.  One of the major goals is to breed not just beautiful rabbits but friendly ones also.

Thanks to a recent influx of friendly bunnies from I See Spots rabbitry in Greensboro, A new heard of wonderful friendly out bread bunnies are in place and enjoying the scenery and accommodations at Dry Creek.

The bunnies lived in raised housing developments.  Each bunnies has at least a 3 foot by 3 foot pen, but most have a 3 foot by 4 foot pen.  Each bunny has at least one box to hid in.  Most of these boxes have an architectural arch over the front door.  There is a community housing development that has 2 females living together as friends.  Over time it is hoped that this colony atmosphere will be functional for up to 12 bunnies living together in peace.

Recent births:

Current bunnies:

Past friends:

The first family

Floppy's first litter (born July 2, 1999; sired by Hunter)

Unfortunately, 2 of these wonderful creatures fell prey to a natural enemy.

other litters

Anastasia's next litter (born January 13, 2000; sired by Hunter) [deceased 1/20/2000]

twins born to Katinka and 221 born 4/21/01 (taken 4/24/01)[Deceased 4/26/01]


Others from the brood

Offered for sale

Angora wool -not carded "in the rough" when available this is White 2" or longer and sells for $5 an ounce plus shipping.

Organic Angora Rabbit droppings -excellent fertilizer, our rabbits are chemical free.   E-mail for price/availability...

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