This is truly the scariest part!  Many locations have file servers that you can simply save to like a disk.  If not, you will need to use and FTP program.  The one Illustrated here is WS_FTP.  for the Mac you can use FETCH.  It will look a little different but works mostly the same.

"Danger Will Robinson Danger!"  The web is generally case sensitive about file and directory names.  Make sure you are consistent in your capitalization.  Keep it the same as it was on the computer.  Also make sure the files are in the same folders as before.

When you call up WS_FTP you will see a login screen like the one below.

Profile name is an artifact...But the host name is important...this is the literal name of the web server.  UserID is the username/account you will use to do these things.  Password is the password on the account.  Click OK when you have it all right.

Below is the screen once you have gotten past the login.

The left side is your computer.  The right is the server.

A = drives you can choose on your computer...double click to select.
B = file on your computer
C = send button...use this to shoot the selected files up to the server into the current location shown in the right window
D = get button.. use this to pull selected files from the server to the current location shown on the left window
E = the server window shows the location on the server and the files and directories.... much like the left side does for the local machine.

So in other words.... login and then double click on the folder you want on the server.  Then select the location in your computer (left side).  Select the files you want to post... and use the send button.

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Copyright 1999 Christopher I Cobitz Ph.D. and Denise E. Hedrick Ed.D.