Inserting images.... I bet you thought this would be hard!

Click on INSERT and Choose PICTURE.  Then select FROM FILE...if you are in to clip art you could do that...but remember that it is the clip art collection provided by a company owned by a man who couldn't get a date until he got REALLY RICH.

Once you Select FROM FILE, you will notice several things are happening.  Notice the box at the lower end of the line.  It tells you which disk and folder you are looking in.

As in the link and save sections, use the triangle to select the appropriate disk and then go to the folder you want.  Finally just double click on the file you want.

Wasn't that easy?  Notice the image appear where you had the cursor before you did the INSERT thing.  Also if you right click on the image you can choose image properties and adjust things like the alignment.



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Copyright 1999 Christopher I Cobitz Ph.D. and Denise E. Hedrick Ed.D.