Front page is easy to use.... once you  get past all the bells and whistles.  It is a fact of life that the more powerful a program is, the more difficult it is to learn.

Below you will find a picture of the typical FrontPage 2000 screen.  Notice that the tools look much like any word processor.  

The large white section is the area that will show the actual page.

On the left side is a group of icons.  Ignore these until you get more comfortable with the program.

Go ahead and type a line of words.....

It will show up just like in a word processor

Isn't that cool, you have just started a web page!

Now highlight the words and.... just like below, switch the third white box to 6.  This is the size box.  Notice that since we are doing the HTML thing the size isn't in is in some strange code.


Until now we have been using NORMAL view.  Down in the lower almost left corner you can see the view tabs.

Click on HTML and you will see a night mare many people want you to think you need to know...and you probably want to avoid.


This is HTML code.  Notice that it uses both open code <p> 
and close codes  </p>
everything in between is in the style etc defined by the code.
Notice the letters that I typed show up in real letters...but between some codes.

Go back to normal view and we can do some more.


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Copyright 1999 Christopher I Cobitz Ph.D. and Denise E. Hedrick Ed.D.