So you are ready to save... This is easier if you are used to saving your work.  Click on FILE and Choose SAVE.

You should see the window below.  Notice the box at the upper end of the upper arrow.  this works just like in linking as a way to select the location.  
The lower box is the actual name of the file.  Avoid spaces since the web does not necessarily like them.
Click save when you have the right name and are looking at the right folder.

But Wait there is more!  for your same low File and Save click you get a second window guaranteed to confused the new user!
this second window is asking what to do with and image files you are using.  Generally just click OK unless you are sure you want something else to happen.

Now it should be saved and you can get on with the business of becoming rich on the web (oops...sorry I forgot that was an infomercial).


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Copyright 1999 Christopher I Cobitz Ph.D. and Denise E. Hedrick Ed.D.