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Angora Rabbit Farm

Free tools and ideas for Public SchoolsFree tools to for teaching

On-line Computer skills for educators course (free if you don't need to have ceu's awarded

Microsoft PowerPoint Instructions (part of the total North Carolina computer fundamentals for teachers web course)

Microsoft FrontPage Instructions 

Using Eudora Light

Hyperstudio Resources

Netmeeting lesson plans

Excel and other database resources (teaching etc)

Using the web to instruct instead of instructing to use the web

Lesson Plans from NCETC 99

Sample student self awareness website (from NCAECT 2000 conference)

North Carolina Lesson Plans correlated to the 1999 computer skills curriculum

Lesson plans created to help integrate technology into curriculum (many are in use by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction)

Microsoft Comic Chat lessons

Using Hyperstudio for school counselors
Using the web for classroom instruction (presented at the CETC 2000 conference) Inference lessons produced by the teachers of Lee county
The North Carolina Internet Learning Initiative, developed on behalf of a consortium hosted by Lee County Schools; funded by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Sample materials to support the North Carolina Computer Skills curriculum (developed by the DPI Integration Strategies workgroup and hosted by NC A&T State University) last updated July 2000
THE Computer Skills Curriculum model lesson plans, complete set including both 1992 and 1998 curriculum materials (developed by DPI Integrations Strategies and hosted by NC A&T State University) Technology Competencies for educators competency 14 developed under Dr. Cobitz at NC A&T State University
Involving Students using technology NCAECT2001 Using Technology to reach at-risk learners NCETC 2001
webpages from CETC2000 History Hoppers! NC history Project
What happens when you give every child a laptop from NCAECT 2002 My Network is the most private place in my house! from NCAECT 2002
Integrade pro instructions Active Classroom Information
Technology for Classroom Assessment NCETC 2004 Favorite technology toys (from NCAECT 2005)

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